Corporate Profile


NCB Insurance offers a wide range of products and services that are geared to meeting the insurance, long-term investment, and pension needs of individual and group clients. The company is not only committed to offering financial products and services that provide our customers with financial independence, peace of mind, the ideal quality of life and a secure financial future, where retirement is safe and relaxing, but also seeks to ensure that they maximise and protect their assets and are adequately prepared for life’s risks.

NCB Insurance’s current suite of products and services includes;


  • OMNI (medium to long-term combination investment-insurance plan with tax-free advantages)
  • OMNI Educator (long-term insurance education savings plan)
  • ProCARE (critical illness protection)
  • ProVision (accidental death or dismemberment protection)
  • SMART Retirement Plan (an approved retirement scheme)


  • Employee Care Pensions (Management of superannuation funds)
  • Employee Care Life
  • Employee Care Annuity
  • Creditor Life

A solid and stable company, NCB Insurance is built on integrity, trust, financial strength, prudence and customer responsiveness. The company recorded significant growth in 2009, with Total Income increasing from $3.5 billion to $5.2 billion, Total Assets from $20.1 billion to $25.4 billion and Profit after Tax from $935 million to $1,850 million compared to the prior year. At 31 December 2009, NCBIC's Net Worth stood at J$5.2 billion. The Minimum Continuing Capital Surplus Ratio (MCCSR), the test of solvency in the insurance industry, at 31 December 2009 was 897% (2008 – 503%), a figure which far exceeded the regulatory benchmark standard of 150%. NCBIC’s significant growth has taken place within the context of significant investments in people, processes and systems.


NCB Insurance Company Limited, a full fledged insurance company is committed to meeting the needs of our valuable customers. Through our responsiveness, visionary and expert leadership, prudent financial management, customer centricity and employee focus, we are “just what you need.

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