Wednesday August 4, 2021


An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

-Benjamin Franklin

Long Term Investment


The journey of life is more fulfilling when you are financially secure. Whether it’s saving towards the purchase of a home, for your children’s education or for your retirement, NCBIC has a plan that will satisfy your long term investment needs.

My Omni Educator


Wilfred Bromfield




Growing up, being Daddy’s little girls meant that he ensured all our needs were fulfilled—that included planning for our college education.


We are grateful to our father, Wilfred Bromfield, who ensured that we lacked nothing and gave us the opportunity to be educated, positive and conscious young women who can contribute to Jamaica’s workforce.


We are proud that he has given us a leg up in life and encourage you to give your children the best gift any parent can give – education.






Hi guys,


I am Kerene Brown and I am 23 years old.  I just graduated from Carleton University in Canada, where I studied Bio-Chemistry.


I intend to continue my studies in Canada and I am excited that I was just accepted to start a masters Programme at York University.  


My journey just begun and I couldn’t do it without my parents Uriah and Veronica Brown who ensured that I could fulfill my dreams by investing in an NCB Insurance OMNI Educator policy… I am so happy they did!




You too can realize your dreams with OMNI Educator:

  • 20% Grant
  • Tax-free Benefits
  • Life Insurance Coverage
  • Easy Payment Options

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